Teaching and Learning

Littlemoor Primary School is made up of a part-time nursery, two Reception classes, three mixed Year 1/2 classes, a Year 3, Year 3/4 and Year 4 class and a Year 5, Year 5/6 and Year 6 class. Within each of these classrooms, there are a number of disadvantaged pupils as well as some with SEND and EAL. Therefore, it is important that all pupils are receiving quality first teaching which is rich in vocabulary development.

All pupils are expected to be active, engaged and motivated learners who promote our school values (Friendship, Independence, Respect and Excellence) at all times.

We use a number of different schemes of work which are adapted where necessary . These are as follows:

EYFS (Lead– Lisa Billing)– We follow the Early Years Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and use the EY2P approach for writing with an overarching text each half term and supplementary weekly texts.

Phonics (Lead– Danielle Williams) – Read, Write Inc- children are grouped accordingly with some pupils from KS2 also accessing phonics lessons.

Reading (Lead– Hannah Hurley/ Sian Brown) – Reading Gems based on the high quality text that the pupils are studying in their English lessons.

Writing (Lead– Sian Brown) – For handwriting, we use PenPals with Dough Disco used as an intervention. Spelling lessons are based on Spelling Shed objectives but we also prioritise the practising of high frequency words. We use our own model for writing based on a jigsaw.
Writing follows the process of hook -> WAGOLL and features -> grammar teaching (jigsaw pieces) -> modelled/ shared writing -> independent and guided writing -> editing -> redrafting where appropriate. 15 min SPAG sessions are also taught daily: these are planned from the school’s grammar and punctuation curriculum.

Maths (Lead– Lisa Billing) – White Rose Maths is used and adapted to meet the needs of the class. We avoid worksheets wherever possible. There are also three Maths Blast sessions each week.

Science (Lead– Bethany Kerfoot– Roberts)– White Rose Science is used and adapted to meet the needs of the class. Knowledge organisers and MTPs are available for science.

PSHE (Lead– Beth Taylor) – Zippy (KS1), Apple (LKS2) and Passport (UKS2) are used alongside Yasmine and Tom. EYFS use the Think Equal programme.

Geography and History (Lead– Louise Halliday)– Humanities subjects are the driver for the English text. Lesson objectives are identified on the knowledge organisers and MTPs are available for these subjects.

Art (Lead– Louise Halliday)– Kapow units of work- log in details available.

MFL (Lead– Louise Halliday)– We teach Spanish and use the Rachel Hawkes scheme of work.

DT (Lead– Louise Halliday)– Project on a Page.

Computing (Lead– Louise Halliday)– School designed scheme of work- some of this is delivered by an external provider. We use Project Evolve for the online safety content.

PE (Lead- Kelly Wynn) – Dream Big teach some PE lessons, a school designed curriculum is followed with different skills taught each half term. LKS2 classes attend swimming lessons.

Music (Lead- Natalie Batey) – Charanga – log in details available.

RE (Lead– Emma Lyons)- We follow the Oldham RE Agreed Syllabus.

As the school is a 1.5 form entry, we follow a two-year cycle for all subjects. Curriculum leads (Sian Brown and Louise Halliday) can provide this on request.

Break timeThis varies dependent on class and day- speak to a member of the department
LunchtimeEYFS– 11:15- 12:00 KS1– 11:45-12:30 LKS2– 12:00-12:45 UKS2– 12:30-1:15
Home timeEYFS– 2:55pm KS1– 2:55pm LKS2– 3:00pm UKS2– 3:00pm

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