Star Fish – Year 2


Welcome to Star Fish’s Class Page!

Here you will find the work Mr Barlow has set for your children! This page will be updated with new work weekly and answers will be provided the following week.

All tasks set are linked to the National Curriculum requirements for Year 2 and will ensure your child’s progression throughout this time and beyond. As well as the work here, children have also been sent home with Home Learning packs to complete. We have also sent children home with paper and other stationary to help with their work.


Year 2 Home Tasks

During the period when the children are off, work has been provided for them. We are sending home packs for them to complete.

While the children are off during this period of time, there are tasks for them to be completed. In this pack, there are 4 booklets. These booklets are:

  • Reading Practice Tests
  • Spelling and Punctuation Practice Tests
  • Maths Practice Tests
  • Math Question Booklet

As well as that, there is a Writing Pack and Exercise book, as well as a pencil and sharpener for the children to keep.

While they are off, the children are expected to complete these tasks daily:

  • 1 Maths Task from the booklets and go onto Mathletics.
  • 1 Reading Task from the booklets and to read for at least 10 minutes a day.
  • 1 Writing Task which can be completed in the booklets
  • 1 Spelling and Punctuation Practice Test.

Answers are in the back of the booklets if you need them!

As well as this, Topic work will be provided on a weekly basis on the website, with tasks for the children to complete.

New tasks will be posted weekly on the website for the children to complete and I will add links for helpful websites to help with the children’s learning and for games to help them.


Hopefully we will be back as soon as possible, but for the meantime, stay safe and healthy!



Mr Barlow


Useful links – for access to Maths activites – Times table-based game – Phonics based activities for children to use. There is a code to enter to get access for free  – Joe Wicks is doing PE sessions for kids if they need time to get fit and healthy – A website with phonics based games to help with spelling, punctuation and reading. – Free Phonics videos to help with Phonics: 9:30am Set 1 Speed Sounds

10:00am Set 2 Speed Sounds

10:30am Set 3 Speed Sounds  – Links and activities to help with fractions – BBC Bitesize are doing daily lessons on eaqch subject, with some celebrities  providing their insight into certain topics.



For those who have not yet received ‘home learning’ packs, these can be found under the ‘Coronavirus tab’ on the school website under ‘projects and resources.’


Completed Work

Make sure to send an email to to share what you are up to!




Year 2 English week beginning 20th April

Year 2 English week beginning 20th April-answers

Update: It’s been fantastic to see pictures of some of you completing the work and having a go at other activities while at home! Keep up the great work!


Apologies, I thought I had uploaded English work for this week (week beginning 27th April)  but it hasn’t come onto the page for some reason. I will upload next weeks work and (hopefully) it appears.


Year 2 English week beginning 4th May

Year 2 English week beginning 4th May-answers


Year 2 English week beginning 11th May

Phonics Timetable

Year 2 English week beginning 11th May-answers


Year 2 English week beginning 18th May

Answers English 18.5.20


English Week Beginning 1st June – 

1.6.20 English


Keep checking Mathletics every week for new activities set.

Year 2 Maths Week 1

Year 2 Maths Week 1 Answers


Week 2  –

PracticeArithmeticTest – There are 13 questions with a Mark Scheme to show answers.

Practice Reasoning Test – There are 10 questions with a Mark Scheme attached.


Maths Week beginning 20th April 2020

Maths week beginning 20th April 2020 – answers



Maths Week beginning 27th April 2020 – – Use this website to access more learning similar to last week and complete the activities. Answers are also provided.


Maths Week beginning 4th May 2020 – – The exercises this week are all about number bonds, with a bit of addition and subtraction.

t-n-2544854-year-2-position-and-direction-warmup-powerpoint_ver_7 – This powerpoint provides you with games that help with directions, it’s a bit of fun!


Maths Week beginning 11th May 2020Lesson 1 Add and subtract 10s 2019

Lesson 2 Add 2-digit numbers (2) 2019

Lesson 3 Subtract 2-digit numbers (2) 2019

Lesson 4 Bonds to 100 (tens and ones) 2019

Videos are available on the White Rose Home Learning page to these lessons. Check the Year 2 page and click on the Week 4 – May 11th part.

Remember to check Mathletics for activities to complete!






Maths Week beginning 18th May 2020

Video Links week beginning 18th May







Maths Week Beginning 1st June 2020








Please look at the projects and resources page under the Coronavirus tab for a wide range of topics and subject specific activities.



For 4 weeks, Oldham Theatre Workshop are going to be reading a story every day. Click the line below to access the site:

Story Festival




Summer Term

Welcome back everyone!! Just a quick update, hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying the time at home (as best as you can). I will continue to send work and update the page as much as I can. I know there is another 3 weeks of lockdown but I hope to see you all again soon!

Stay safe!

Mr Barlow