School Dinners

We promote healthy eating within our school and our experienced kitchen staff prepare and serve freshly cooked meals on the school premises.  Meals are provided free to children from reception up to year 2.  From year 3 upwards the price of a school meal is £2.55 per day (£12.75 per week), payable every Monday.  If you believe you may be entitled to free school meals, you need to apply via the link below

For parents who wish to provide their child with sandwiches from home, we ask that a healthy meal be provided which does not include crisps, sweets or fizzy drinks.  We encourage parents to provide a lunch box which includes fresh fruit and vegetables and helps to contribute to the recommended daily intake of 5 fresh fruit and vegetable items per day.

If your child changes from packed lunches to school meals or school meals to packed lunches can you please give the school office 1 weeks’ notice.

Given that some children have threatening allergies to foods containing nuts (including peanut butter, Nutella, etc.)  it is important to exclude any nuts or products containing nuts from your child’s lunch box.

At Littlemoor meals are usually a communal experience and we promote that children sit and eat their meals at a dining table.  We have separate sittings for lunch so that each class/year group has sufficient time to enjoy their meal.  Fresh drinking water is also available to all pupils and children are encouraged to bring a water bottle containing plain water every day.

For all pupils, throughout the course of the school day, we provide a small bottle of fresh pasteurised milk and a piece of fruit.  

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