School Council

A school council provides a meaningful way in which pupils can voice their opinions and have their views taken into account in decisions which impact upon them.

Pupils vote every year for a new school council representative. Pupils are asked if they would like to apply for the position. They are then asked to give a short speech to peers to explain what qualities they have and why they want to be a representative for their class. Once the class have heard all applicants, the official ballot begins and children vote for the person they feel would do the best job.

The school council meet once every half term with Miss Billing and discuss ideas on how to make the school the best it can be. They sometimes have a set agenda or bring suggestions from their own class. Throughout the meeting it is ensured that every school councillor has their input and that all classes are represented. We often have a key take away, to think about ready for our next meeting.

Our school councillors are:

  • Reliable
  • Proud of our school and want our school to be the best it can be
  • Listen carefully to the views of others and take their ideas on board
  • Represent the majority view of your class, even if you don’t agree!
  • Commit time to this role and accept that you may need to do things during break times and/or lunchtimes
  • Enthusiastic
  • Kind and respectful
  • Patient

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