Reading at Littlemoor

When our children leave Littlemoor we want them to be avid readers, children who read fluently and widely and are able to express preferences and opinions about the texts that they read.  We want them to read for pleasure, having access to a wide range of text types, genres and authors in order for them to make informed opinions about their favourites.


Reading is an integral part of our whole curriculum.  In reception, we begin teaching the early skills of reading using Read, Write Inc phonics as well as high quality texts.  Children are given reading books that are matched to their phonics assessments.  When they have completed the teaching of phonics all our children are then given banded reading books that match their assessed reading age.


We ask that all children read to an adult at home.  Alongside this, they will read with a teacher or teaching assistant on an individual basis.  Whole class Deepening Reading sessions are taught daily across KS1 and KS2 following the Reading Gems scheme.  This is where children are exposed to a wide range of genres and a variety of high-quality texts.  Questioning throughout these lessons focus on a variety of reading skills such as: inference, summarising, definition, explore, retrieval, compare, and relationships.


We also focus on deepening the understanding and use of a wider range of vocabulary.  We use Read, Write Inc (Freshstart) and Catch-up Literacy as reading interventions in order to ensure reading and phonics support for all children across school.


As a school we aim to promote a love of reading taking part in whole school events such as: National Poetry Day, World Book Day and Shakespeare Week.  All children have access to our library where they may take part in enrichments activities and read for pleasure.  All children are given the opportunity to read for pleasure daily during our DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) time in classes.

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