Sunflowers- Year 1


     Welcome to Sunflowers Class!

Helianthus - WikipediaLook at our timetable to see what learning looks like in Sunflowers class.





Learning this half term

In phonics we are all working hard in the correct reading/ phonics groups. If you would like to know what band your child is working on, please ask on Seesaw or at the end of the day.

In the afternoons we split into two Phonics groups, one group is recapping Set 2 sounds and the other group are working hard to recap Set 1 sounds.

In Maths we are working in place value to 50. We are also working hard to learning number bonds to 20 from our memory.

In Wider Curriculum we are learning about dinosaur.

  • Science- we are learning about habitats, food chains and classifying animals.
  • Geography and History- we are learning about, the key features of the United Kingdom, continents around the world, weather changes and the Cristopher Columbus.
  • Art and design & technology – we are creating habitats looking at collage, we are creating images on animals and dinosaurs using the Paul Klee style and creating a balanced dinosaur meal.

In Maths Blast we are working hard to recognise numbers to 20 and also recognising amounts to 20.

Isolation- please complete the work on this page for your first day of isolation, your work for following days will be uploaded onto SeeSaw

If you are isolating at home or shielding please complete the activity below on day one and then on day the other days please complete the activities set on Seesaw.

Set 1 sounds:

Set 2 sounds:

Set 3 sounds:

Here you can find reading books that match your child’s book band. If you are unsure of your child’s reading band, please message Miss Williams on Seesaw.


Ask for your child’s book band level if you are not sure.




English for home learning-  write sentences to maths the pictures.

Maths for home learning- count the amount and write the correct number to match.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask at the end of the day or message on Seesaw.

Thank you

Miss Williams and Miss Ahmed