Acorns- Year 3


Acorn Class have had a great start to the new school year. Our new planning units have started well and we are all enjoying the Wider Curriculum.

As our bubble has had to close, work will be set on here and on Seesaw from tomorrow.  Feel free to have a look at the two booklets below for some additional activities. It is important to stay positive and be active in the next 14 days.



Please upload any work onto See-Saw to be marked. If you are unsure of your child’s See-saw code please call the school office.

Home learning Wednesday 2nd December – Friday 11th December.

Wednesday 2nd December


Wednesday 2nd December English story

Wednesday 2nd December English Questions


Math’s Video. Watch the first one called equal groups Miss Douglas’s group

Wednesday 2nd December Math’s Questions Miss Douglas’ group

Math’s Video Watch the second video called making equal group Miss Dolan’s group

Wednesday 2nd December Math’s Miss Dolan’s Group


Thursday 3rd December


Thursday 3rd December English (Tell me about the characters in the story)


Math’s Video Watch the second video called Multiplications symbol Miss Douglas’ group

Math’s Video Watch the forth video called adding equal groups Miss Dolan’s group


Friday 4th December


Friday 4th December put the picture in order and tell me they story in 8 sentences


Math’s Video Watch the Third video called using arrays Miss Douglas’ group

Math’s Video Watch the fifth video called make arrays Miss Dolan’s group

Monday 7th December

Tuesday 8th December

Wednesday 9th December

Thursday 10th December

Friday 11th December


Knowledge Mats

Science Knowledge Mats

Geography Knowledge Mats


Homework for The Week

Spellings: Where, wear, we’re, There, Their, They’re, Meet, meat, break, brake

Mathletics: Multiplication

Handwriting: Practising cursive handwriting