Penguins – Year 3


Welcome to Penguin’s Class Page!

Here you will find the work Mrs Halliday has set for your children! This page will be updated with new work weekly and answers will be provided the following week.

All tasks set are linked to the National Curriculum requirements for Year 3 and will ensure your child’s progression throughout this time and beyond. As well as the work here, children have also been sent home with Home Learning packs to complete. We have also sent children home with paper and other stationary to help with their work.

Week 1

Stay safe everyone and make sure you try to help out at home by making beds, helping with brothers and sisters, tidying up and being kind. From Mrs Halliday x


Audible are offering stories for children to listen to for free while schools are closed. It is worth having a look.


Click on the link below, it doesn’t need printing off.

Year 3 English week beginning 23rd March


Check Mathletics for a range of activities for the week.


What animals can I see in my local area?

Look out of the window or go into the garden. What animals can you hear and see? Draw them and try to find out 5 facts about them. If you cannot see any animals, use the file attached. animals classification

Answers to the English tasks: Year 3 English week beginning 23rd March-answers

Week 2 (Monday 30th March 2020)

Hope everyone is well and staying safe. I hope you managed to complete some of the tasks I set for you last week and below are some tasks for you to complete this week. It is very different working from home so please just try your best. This is new for all of us. Remember to help at home whenever you can and if you want to tweet the school with pictures of what you have been doing at home then that would be lovely to see. Missing you guys and stay safe x Mrs Halliday xx

Click on the links below, you don’t need to print any of it

English: Year 3 English week beginning 30thMarch

For children that wanted to continue to read Krindlekrax, I have copied 3 chapters from my ebook.

CHAPTER 13 Krindllekrax



Maths: Year 3 maths week beginning 30th March You can also use Mathletics.

Topic: What facts can you find out about The UK? Research the following questions and create a fact file/poster/non chronological report.

What is the UK made up of?

Which seas surround the UK?

What is the capital city?

Which is the longest river in the UK?

Which is the highest mountain in the UK?

What is the total population?

Interesting facts about the UK

We also now have access to Yumu, Oldham’s music programme online. It is very easy to follow. If you would like to try and use the music programme at home then email and I will email your log in and passwords.