Cedar- Year 5


Welcome to Cedar Class!

This week we have been learning:

English: The Highwayman, by Alfred Noyes. The children have explored how poetry can be used to create powerful scenes and stories.

Maths: We have been continuing with Place Value, and are rounding numbers up to one million and looking at negative numbers.

Science: The children have been looking at Journeys Through Our Body, and this week looked at how our lungs work.

R.E: We continued looking at Humanism and devised our own ‘Code for Living’.

Spanish: The children have been learning how to respond to questions.

Art: We are creating our own screen paintings in the style of Andy Warhol!

Geography: Exploring the British Isles and this week we have been looking at industry.

Music: Learning to sign to Living On A Prayer, by Bon Jovi!

P.E: We have been improving our throwing and catching skills.