Early Help Offer

Oldham’s Early Help Service works with children, young people, their families and adult only households. The service takes a person, family-centred approach and provides help at the earliest possible opportunity.

It was developed to support people to help themselves, focussing on their strengths, giving them problem solving skills and enabling them to manage their own lives.

Workers in the service support people to build on their positive aspects and look to strengthen resilience rather than solely focusing on needs and problems.

Making a referral to Early Help

Early Help is a consent driven service and as such we require consent at the point a referral is made. If you are considering making a referral to the service, or would like to make a self-referral, and would like more information please contact the Early Help team on 0161 770 7777, (option 1)

The Early Help Assessment – to be completed by professionals making an Early Help referral

The assessment is designed to help individuals and families understand their strengths and any areas where they may need additional support.

The tool was developed following extensive practice; feedback from families and professionals has been positive, the assessment is easy to use and engagement from families is good.

The completed assessment documents can be added as an attachment to your Early Help referral, or emailed to earlyhelpteam@oldham.gov.uk

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