At Littlemoor Primary School, we are committed to providing a curriculum which enables all of our students, regardless of starting points or background, the opportunities to gain essential knowledge, skills and understanding to prepare them for an ever-changing future. Whilst our curriculum encompasses the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, our vision is to provide our pupils with a range of learning experiences which extend beyond the classroom, including Forest School, outdoor learning, trips and visitors. Learning is planned progressively, building on prior learning across all subjects so that pupils can make links to reduce cognitive load, retain necessary knowledge and apply skills to new contexts.  

We recognise that a number of our pupils are extremely vulnerable and as a result of this, we work hard to develop positive relationships with families, working alongside external agencies, whilst providing these pupils with emotional support and pastoral interventions. Alongside this, we afford the children the opportunity to develop socially, morally and culturally through our values based assemblies and PSHE curriculum, which has a strong emphasis on digital safety and social media. This ensures that our pupils all understand how to stay safe (online and offline) as well as be healthy, develop into good citizens and build resilience that will help them to cope with choices as well as overcome the challenges they will likely encounter in life. Our school values of Friendship, Independence, Respect and Excellence (FIRE) are promoted within all aspects of school life, encouraging pupils to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. As part of this, we have a strong belief that pupil voice is an extremely powerful tool, and therefore, have a number of pupil leadership roles (including Wellbeing Champions, School Council and Sports Leaders), enabling the pupils to feel valued and to contribute to the school’s improvement. 

We understand that quite often, our pupils start school with less than average communication and literacy skills, so with that in mind, we have ensured that the curriculum is linked to high quality texts and that oracy, reading and writing are embedded into all subject areas. Oracy is developed through the use of ELKLAN strategies and communication in print to support learning and develop the language skills of all pupils. In addition to this, we encourage the children to develop an enjoyment of reading, introducing them to a wide range of texts for them to read both in school and at home. 

Our curriculum is designed to ensure that when our pupils move on to the next stage of their education and beyond they:

  • are independent, confident and inquisitive learners 
  • demonstrate positive attitudes to learning by being ready to learn, make progress and achieve 
  • embrace challenge by exhibiting determination and resilience 
  • have a secure understanding of the fundamentals in reading, writing and maths  
  • are compassionate, caring and respectful citizens  
  • are articulate  
  • have developed the understanding and skills necessary to keep themselves safe 

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