School Start Time

At Littlemoor Primary school school starts at 8.45 however our doors are open from 8.35, this helps parents/carers to get their children in to school on time and it creates a calmer start to the day. We also offer a free breakfast club from 8.15, the doors will close at 8.25 promptly


Any child that starts after 8.50 will be registered as late (L code in the registers), you will then need to sign in your child using our sign in late system. Registers will promptly close at 9.05am and after this lateness is recorded as unauthorised absence.

Leave of absence

If a parent/carer wishes to request a period of absence for their child, they are requested to complete the appropriate leave of absence form which can be found below or collected from the school office. This should be done 3 weeks in advance and before any flights or holidays are booked.

There is no entitlement to time off in term time

Littlemoor Primary can only grant a leave of absence in expectational circumstances. If the request is denied the school will inform the parent of the reason and the request will be noted in the school register. Absence which is taken and not authorised could be liable got a fixed penalty fine £60 per parent, per child. This fine will then double to £120 if not paid in 21 days.


Children can’t help being sick, sometimes they may have an illness that will require them to have some time of school and a visit to see a doctor. However taking regular days off school will soon add up. Sometimes our children will have coughs or colds they may not feel like their normal selves, but they are probably well enough to attend school.

As parents we are asking you to stop and think before you allow your child to stay off school

  • Are they well enough to attend school?
  • Is your child’s attendance already a concern?
  • Would it help if you came in before lunch to provide your child with paracetamol or medication?
  • Is there anything worrying your child at home or school?

Who could you speak to if I have concerns?

  • Class Teachers / Teaching Assistants
  • Miss Pendry (Pastoral Lead)
  • The Attendance Team (Miss Pendry and Mrs Ormrod

Is your child too sick to attend school today?

Keep Me at Home If:

  • If I have a severe high temperature
  • I have an illness that prevents me from coming to school.
  • I have a sickness bug 
  • I have Diarrhoea 
  • I have Chickenpox

Please be reminded that you will be asked to provide medical evidence if your child’s absence of illness lasts more than 3 days.

Send Me To School If:

  • I have a runny nose, cough or cold.
  • If I feel sick (school will phone home if your child complains of feeling unwell)
  • I haven’t been sick or had Diarrhea in the last 24 hours.
  • I have a slight temperature but my parent/carers are welcome to come to school just before or after lunch to give me medicine.
  • I had Head lice but was treated before coming to school.
  • I am taking antibiotics (school will only administer antibiotics to your child if they require a dose of 4 times a day)
  • Headache

It can sometimes be difficult deciding whether to keep your child off school when they are unwell. Please follow our school guidance to help you make the decision.

If you are still unsure please see the documents below

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