Angel Fish – Year 1/2


Welcome to Angel Fish’s Class Page!

Here you will find the work Miss Crossley has set for your children! This page will be updated with new work weekly and answers will be provided the following week.

All tasks set are linked to the National Curriculum requirements for Year 1/2 and will ensure your child’s progression throughout this time and beyond. As well as the work here, children have also been sent home with Home Learning packs to complete. We have also sent children home with paper and other stationary to help with their work.

 Remember you can share your activities and learning via email or the twitter page!! Make sure to send an email to to share what you are up to!

ALSO, for those who have not yet received ‘home learning’ packs, these can be found under the ‘Coronavirus tab’ on the school website under ‘projects and resources.’ 

A big well done to Queenie and Amal who have been doing a great job on Mathletics! Keep up the good work! 🙂
Also, some lovely pictures have been sent to me that I wanted to share with everyone!
Well done Mia and Amal!

Week beginning 01/06/2020

I hope everyone has had a lovely week enjoying the sunshine and taking part in some fun activities at home! This week there are English and Maths activities that I have attached further down the page, alongside the extra activities that can be found under the ‘Coronavirus’ tab and clicking on ‘Projects and Resources.’ Don’t forget to share what you are up to via the email so that I can share it with everyone else on our Angelfish page! Stay safe.

This video made me smile lots and I think the children in Angelfish will like it too! I am missing everyone lots and I look forward to seeing you all soon!



Please find attached the weekly writing and reading activities for the children who are in Angelfish. Answers will be provided the following Monday.

Year 1/2 English week beginning 1st June


Attached is a timetable for the different sounds which are shown each day. Youtube videos will be available for 24 hours after they are shared.

Ruth Miskin Phonics timetable This includes information about our phonics scheme of work and includes online resources to help with phonics at home. This website includes more information about the phonics timetable and additional help.

Please also read for at least 10 minutes every day. 


Activities will be set on the Mathletics page which will allow me to see the children’s progress! These activities match the learning that was taking place in school and will allow for the progression to continue. As well as the activities set, it is encouraged that the children continue to use this for additional activities of their choice.

Keep up with the activities on Mathletics! Here are some additional activities: 


Week beginning 01/06/2020

Attached is a lesson which can be completed each day. This is from the ‘White Rose Maths’ which links with what we were learning in school. These activities will help us recap and improve our skills!

Each lesson includes a video to help followed by an activity work sheet which can be completed on a separate sheet of paper. Answers will follow next week!

Lesson 1: Measure mass

Activity: Lesson-1-Measure-mass-2019

Lesson 2: Compare mass

Activity: Lesson-2-Compare-mass-2019

Lesson 3: Introducing capacity and volume

Activity: Lesson-3-Introduce-capacity-and-volume-2019


Lesson 4: Measure capacity

Activity: Lesson-4-Measure-capacity-2019


Lesson 5:

Try some of the activities that have been set on Mathletics.

Why not use a measuring jug at home and measure out some cold water? Let’s try: 250ml of cold water, 100ml of cold water and 500ml of cold water!

Additional activities:


Challenge: Let’s see if you can remember your shapes! 

Challenge – Recognise and name 3-D shapes 2019

Some songs I enjoyed that might help with your maths! 


Please look at the projects and resources page under the Coronavirus tab for a wide range of topics and subject specific activities. Please remember to share their work via the twitter page or email them to school for us to share!


Useful links to keep you busy: Here you can find additional activities which are an enjoyable way for the children to learn.  BBC Bitesize have set up daily lessons to help with learning at home. – A range of phonics based activities and games. Free access code- username- march2020 password- home

A video I think you all might enjoy linked to our new, exciting maths topic!

Useful links to get moving:

P.E- – Joe Wicks is doing a P.E lesson every morning at 9:00am for those children who like to get moving! Miss Crossley has been enjoying the P.E lessons. This is yoga which Angelfish have enjoyed doing over the year so far to get moving and keep calm! Here you can find some calming videos where the children can do some meditation to relax. Here you can find additional videos which the children enjoy to get moving!


Miss Crossley has been missing reading to you every day! Here are some of our favourite stories and some new stories that you might enjoy! Why not share some of the stories you have read with Miss Crossley?

Some of our favourite stories:

Some useful information: ‘Oldham Libraries may be shut but children and adults can still get FREE ebooks, audiobooks, magazines straight to a phone, laptop or tablet, as well as websites that can help with learning from home.’ Click on this link for more details: Oldham Library is still open!!!!


Remember to share your activities via the twitter page! @Littlemoor_PS or the school work email:

I am missing you all lots! I hope to see you all very soon, but in the meantime, stay safe and healthy!

Kind regards,

Miss Crossley